Visit and feel multifaceted ultra-huge city, Tokyo!

  • Over 13 million populations meaning >6,000 inhabitants per square km
  • Vast variety of towns and districts for shopping, business, entertainment, cultural events/exhibitions; Shinjuku, Shibuya, Otemachi, Ginza, Ueno, Asakusa, Harajuku, Roppongi, Ikebukuro… you name it!
  • Trains are operated quite punctually and frequently on 13 subway lines and other railroads.
    Edo, former name of Tokyo, had already been the de facto capital and center of political power of Japan since 17th century. Edo grew from a small fishing village in 15th century into the largest metropolis in the world with an estimated population of 1M by 1721.
  • 7,000 convenience stores, 16,000km pipeline for sewer and clean water supply
    Historical city of over 500 years history with 4,300 temples & shrines and 3,800 companies of over 100 years history
  • Delicious and wide variety of Japanese foods and cuisines: sushi, tempura, sashimi, ramen, soba, udon, teppan-yaki and okonomi-yaki

Typical One Day Tour

We will provide you with the custom-made tours introducing the modern or traditional Tokyo on your requests. The typical one-day tours are shown here.

Traditional Tokyo tour

Asakusa (Temple, Shrine and Old shopping St.) ==> Ueno Park (Temple, Shrine and Museum) ==>The East garden of the Imperial Palace (The remains of the Edo castle and the Japanese garden)

Modern Tokyo tour

Akihabara (Town of the Electronics and Pop-culture) ==>Harajuku&Shibuya (Shrine, Shopping St. for the young and the busiest crossing) ==>Shinjuku (Old and new pub. town and the business center)

Japanese culture tour with river cruising

Tsukiji (Temple and fish market) ==> Hamarikyu (Japanese garden) ==> Sumida-gawa river cruise ==> Asakusa (Temple, Shrine and Old Shopping St.)

Traditional Japanese cultural towns and shopping streets

Ame-yoko St. (Shopping St.)==> Yanaka (Shopping St.) ==>Kagurazaka (Shopping St. and Geisha town)

Modern Tokyo

Ginza (Shopping St.) ==> Marunouchi (Tokyo Station and Office Bldg.) ==> Roppongi (Office Bldg. and Gardens) ==> Shinjuku (Office Bldg.)

National Guest House, House of Parliament and the Remains of Daimyo’s Residence

(Two or three hours walking tour)
National Guest House ==> The Garden of Hotel New Ohtani ==> House of Parliament ==> Remains of Daimyo’s Residence ==> The Gate of the Imperial Palace

Scenic, historical and fine places and spots in Tokyo

We can show you various faces of Tokyo other than the following areas on your requests.
Contact us and let’s make your trip fruitful and enjoyable with us !

Outer and East gardens of the Imperial Palace

The outer garden has the vast landscape with lots of pine trees, and the east garden consists of the Edo jo remains, used to be the largest castle, and the Japanese garden


The traditional town with temple & shrine and old shopping streets close to the boarding place for the river and Tokyo bay cruising

Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi (Yanesen)

The towns where you can enjoy and feel the atmosphere of the old Tokyo

Ginza, Shibuya and Shinjuku

  • Typical down towns in Tokyo for shopping and entertainments
  • Ginza: streets of the sophisticated and high-quality brand shops and restaurants
  • Shibuya: Town for the young with the busiest crossing and the statue of the loyal Hachi-ko for the busiest meeting place
  • Shinjuku: town with the clear contrast by the east side of the business center and the west side of the new and old pub districts


The town of the Japanese electronics products and recently the town of the Japanese subculture for the animation geeks. There are unique shops and cafes such as maid cafe, owl cafe and the anime figure shops.


The cultural institutions of the museums, music halls, and the animal park, co-exist with old temples and shrines

Meiji Jingu

The biggest shrine in Tokyo where you can walk to the main shrine building through the gravel approach surrounded by the deep forest.