Service Policies

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About Edo Tokyo Guide Group:
EDO TOKYO GUIDE GROUP, herein “ETGG”, is a volunteers group formed to encourage understanding of Japanese history, culture and people and to promote cross-cultural friendship.

Scope of activities:
Members of ETGG (herein “guide(s)”) are volunteers who provide tour guide services based upon their own goodwill.
Any and all persons who request and/or utilize the services of ETGG are referred to as “guest(s)” hereafter.
There are no pre-set tour itinerary. Guides do their best to suggest custom itineraries using public transportation based upon the requests of each group of the guests.
Scope of guides’ activities are limited to;
– so-called “23 wards (boroughs) in Tokyo”
– daytime only
– tour guide only that does not include any interpretation/translation/airport pick-up services.
Guides do not make any reservation for any event or service.

Non-Commercial Request:
ETGG does not accept or respond to any requests from a travel agency or the like.

Guests are responsible for the following expenses.
Travel expenses, admission fees, any meal incurred by the guide during the tour for the guests.
In addition to the above A, JPY3,000 per guide/day, which covers transportation to/from the meeting place and other relevant expenses.

Limited Liability:
ETGG and its guides are not responsible for any troubles or damages incurred during the tour.

Q: I am currently 17. Can I book a free guide?
A: No. If you are under 18 years old, please find an adult person who is 18 years old or above to make a request and to accompany you.

Q: We need a guide only for a few hours. Do I still need to pay JPY3,000?
A: Yes, as it is not guide fee, but other expenses reimbursement.

Q: We are a group of 10 people. Can we still request a guide?
A: No. We are sorry, but we cannot accept a tour request from a group of ten people and more.

Q: What language do guides speak?
A: We have English, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese speaking guides.

Q: For how many days can I request a guide?
A: As many days as you wish, but we can’t always guarantee the availability of the guide(s) for all the dates.

Q: When should I request a guide?
A: At least, two to three weeks before leaving your home. We can’t meet last-minute requests. Any request with short notice will not be responded.

Q: What if there is no guide available?
A: We will let you know so, unless your last-coming requested date is within two weeks. Your request will not be handled as well, in case the services you request are out of our scope or if any comment written in the request form is deemed to be inappropriate.

Q: When is the busiest time for EDO TOKYO GUIDE GROUP?
A: The cherry blossom season (from middle of March to middle of April) and the summer season (August). Many of our members are not available during the New Year holidays and the Bon holidays (middle of August).

I, the guest, have read, understood, accepted the above mentioned ETGG Service Policies.